• H-24AV-QAM-IP

Thor Broadcast H-24AV-QAM-IP

High Density Encoder Modulator with up to 24 inputs for CVBS video via an RCA connector. Robust 1RU system for building a whole headend in as little rack space as possible. This flexible chassis allows for outputting all of your inputs onto RF and IP simultaneously. This high density unit also allows for PID remapping automatically or manually with up to 180 pids per channel. Utilizing only MPEG2 video with CBR and VBR means your CVBS input signals will benefit from noise reduction and de-interlacing to continously provide your content in a fluid manner. This unique encoder modulator also allows you to input up to 128 STPS streams for modulation onto RF; the multiplexing chassis will put these streams into your RF channel lineup for you which can also include a digital logo stamp on the streams. The Gigabit interface allows up to 4 MPTS streams output simultaneously. This full function device makes it ideal for small CATV head end system, and it’s a smart choice for hotel CATV Headends, entertainment systems in sports bars, hospitals, apartment complexes.

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24 Baseband Video (CVBS ) Encoder Modulator / IPTV Streamer 
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