H60 Digital Processing 3.3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
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Televes H60 Digital Processing 3.3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

The H60 is a full functioning spectrum analyzer that measures up to 3.3 GHz. With the zoom function, you can look at an individual TV channel and still view the whole spectrum. The unit has a dynamic range of 60 dB and a span down to 100 KHz. When looking at satellites, it identifies on the screen which satellite it is tuned too.

In RF measurement mode it will measure the full TV spectrum as well as individual channels. It can do system scan, plan memory, slope and tilt, do scanning logs as well as detailed long term measurements. It measures both analog and digital and does C/N, CSO, CTB, MER, BER, and constellations.

With the optional Fiber interface it can do optical power level measurements.

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$5,995 .00