Ha5-4K 4K HDMI to 4K SDI
  • Ha5-4K 4K HDMI to 4K SDI

AJA Video Systems Ha5-4K 4K HDMI to 4K SDI

AJA’s HA5-4K Mini-Converter provides high-quality conversion of HDMI to 4K SDI with 4 x 3G SDI outputs. HA5-4K allows conversion of HDMI video from DSLR’s, mirrorless cameras, action cameras, or prosumer 4K video cameras to 4K SDI for use in professional workflows. HA5-4K is also capable of analyzing HDR infoframe data coming in over HDMI when used with AJA Mini-Config software.

Ships in approx. 1 week
$595 .00