HD4-E H.264 HDMI / Analog Stereo Audio Encoder
  • HD4-E encoder is a stand-alone unit with power supply
  • H.264 HDMI, VGA, Component Video and analog stereo audio encoder, RJ45 or Fiber Optic SFP 100/1000 Mbps network interface

HD4-E H.264 HDMI / Analog Stereo Audio Encoder

EMCORE’s HD4-E & HD4-D are a broadcast quality high-performance, compact and cost-effective MPEG-4 H.264 HD encoder and decoder. They are capable of encoding/decoding video resolutions up to 1080P and [email protected] along with audio over IP networks.

The HD4-E supports HDMI, VGA and Component Video inputs along with analog stereo audio. Broadcast quality encoding delivers vibrant and crisp video along with audio at extremely low bit rates. The HD4-D accepts an IP input and decodes H.264 to HDMI and audio, making the HD4 encoder/decoder the perfect choice for distributing the highest quality video and audio over standard Ethernet networks.

The HD4 encoder and decoder can use Baseline, Main or High Profile encoding, as well as provide unicast or multicast IP streams. Additionally, the HD4 encoder also acts as a simultaneous decoder allowing video and audio to be streamed in both directions simultaneously over the LAN. The same encoder can be connected to itself for monitoring purposes, or any encoder in the network can be connected to any other encoder for bi-directional video/audio over IP.

The HD4 is a feature rich, cost-effective and versatile encoding solution that can be used in a variety of applications ranging from IPTV to mission critical command/control applications.

System Design
Enclosed in a ruggedized aluminum housing, the HD4-E & HD4-D are perfectly suited towards applications that are space constrained or for mobile applications. For systems that require rack mounting, the HD4-E & HD4-D can be mounted in either a 1.5U kit which holds up to 2 units or a 4U kit which holds up to 9 units. The HD4-E & HD4-D has an easy to use web UI that allows remote monitoring as well as remote configuration and adjustment of all system parameters. Additionally, the HD4 web UI has the ability to detect any HD4 encoder or decoder in the LAN and provides the ability to connect any encoder to any decoder or a single encoder to multiple decoders in the LAN.

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