Infomir Stalker Middleware
  • Infomir's Free Middleware for easy control of your IPTV System
  • Infomir's Free Middleware provides easy monitoring and statistics

Infomir Infomir Stalker Middleware

Infomir’s Stalker Middleware is free and was developed by the best professionals in the industry for an easy and cost effective launch of IPTV projects. Stalker Middleware is designed for operators and systems integrators providing IPTV, OTT and VoD services using MAG series Set-Top Boxes.

Stalker Middleware makes possible a fast and efficient launch of IP-network video services. No payments, no contracts, no tricks. Stalker Middleware is free and updates regularly. Numerous new functions can be set up through the open source code.

Unlimited Access to Entertainment
Watch films in FullHD from the best online movie theatres, browse through the most popular online videos, chat with your friends, exchange photos and other content, listen to your favorite radio station and sing karaoke. All this made possible by just one device.

Easy Monitoring and Statistics
Get complete control over the devices that are connected to your network. Reduce the subscribers’ support costs, allowing the majority of the problems to be solved remotely without having to visit the subscriber. Comprehensive statistics on the popularity of TV channels and Video on Demand content service will allow to take into account the interests of your customers that is highly useful when for forming of the service packages.

Flexible Tariff Plans
You can create as many tariff plans as necessary. Service packages can include access to TV channels, TV-Archive functions, TimeShift and premium access to Video on Demand service as well as many other additional services, made available through Stalker Middleware.

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