IPQ1000 MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer
  • IPQ1000 MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer comes with a durable padded nylon carrying case
  • Tresent's IPQ1000 MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer is affordable and feature rich

Tresent Technologies IPQ1000 MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer

The IPQ1000 is a handlheld MPEG transport stream analyzer focused on making video over IP more intuitive and easier to diagnose. Quick touchscreen selection of source data from ASI or IP can be decoded and displayed on the LCD screen. Data is also available as MPEG tables in a tree view. Bandwidth is measured by PID, program, and stream. The IPQ1000 contains a comprehensive alarm engine based on the ETSI TR101-290 and ATSC-A/78 standards.

An MPEG2 decoder and an optional Dolby D decoder provide audio and video to the internal LCD touchscreen and speakers for quick verification of your audio/video source.

Dual Ethernet ports for video over IP allows the device to be inserted in line with a suspected problem device. The IPQ1000 will identify all IP traffic by source IP address, destination IP address and destination port number.

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