Loose Tube Cable (2.7 mm)
  • Loose Tube Cable (2.7 mm)

Draka Loose Tube Cable (2.7 mm)

Versatile multi-purpose fiber cable; robust performance and simple loose tube access & prep.

Draka’s popular ezPREP Loose Tube cables provide versatile performance for aerial lashed, duct, and direct buried installations. These cables combine adhesive armor, flexible tubes, swellable dry water-blocking, and exclusive ColorLock® fiber coating to make ezPREP the easiest loose tube cables to access and prep – preferred by installers 3:1 over other brands.

Applications: Multi-purpose Outdoor – Aerial Lashed,Duct, Direct Buried
Constructions: Dielectric, Armored, Double Armored Fiber Count 2 to 432 fibers in Color-coded Buffer Tubes
Fiber Types: Singlemode (ESMF, BendBright, BendBright XS) / Multimode / Hybrid Options Preconnectorized / Gel-Filled Core / Steel Central Member / Copper Pair(s)
Other Versions: Central / Heavy Duty / Indoor-Outdoor
Performance: ANSI/ICEA, IEC, RUS, Telcordia GR-20


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