LP-X RF Fiber Optic Transmission System
  • LP-X fiber optic transmission system

Olson Technology LP-X RF Fiber Optic Transmission System

The OLSON LaserPlus LP-CH-16B is a compact, high density optical transmission system chassis which allows hub, headend and digital transport to coexist on a single, scalable platform. It provides the outstanding performance, system design flexibility and scalability in almost any network architecture from traditional Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) to the newer fiber-deep Targeted Service Delivery (TSD) area topologies. As such, the LaserPlus is the ideal platform for the transport of evolving services and resultant expanding bandwidth requirements in today’s advanced HFC and PON networks. 

The three (3) rack-unit LaserPlus chassis accepts up to fifteen “mix-and-match” applications modules and single or dual redundant independent power supplies (AC or DC), minimizing headend space requirements. This fully-integrated, cost effective package utilizes many of the very latest RF and optical design techniques to provide superior system performance to beyond 1,000 MHz, while dramatically reducing component size and minimizing system powering requirements, and the costs normally associated with them. 

The LaserPlus transmission platform is the perfect companion to optical receiver/node products in the Olson Technology, MetroNode Model OTMN-II and PremiseNode Model OTPN-x product families, but is also designed to operate seamlessly with optical transmitters, receivers and nodes from most leading manufacturers.

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