LTE608 Cellular Interference Filter
  • LTE608 Cellular Interference Filter

Toner Cable LTE608 Cellular Interference Filter

The Toner LTE-608 filter that is designed to reduce or eliminate LTE (Long Term Evolution) cell phone signals from UHF frequencies above 608 MHz.

With cell phone frequencies now occupying the frequencies above UHF channel 36 @ 602-608 MHz, it may be necessary to eliminate them before they hit your pre-amplifier and or channel processor. This is especially true when trying to receive channels that are some distance away.

Often these may be at low signal levels like -20 to 0 dBmV and the local cell towers may be received at 20 dBmV or more. The strong cellular signals may overdrive the input to a preamplifier or signal processor. By using the LTE filter, you can reduce the unwanted signals by up to 50 dB.

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