MEQ1000B Multiplexing Hybrid QAM Modulator (NO FRONT DISPLAY)
  • MEQ100B QAM Modulator offers high level +61 dBmV, low noise multiplexed RF QAM output

Drake MEQ1000B Multiplexing Hybrid QAM Modulator (NO FRONT DISPLAY)

The MEQ1000B is the industry’s most accommodating commercial-grade Multiplexing Hybrid QAM Modulator, as it fulfills the need when a single QAM output is required. This new platform, provides the convenience of local or remote web-based management for any of the variety of input module options.

Each MEQ1000B hosts two bays allotting for a customized combination of input module options to cover a variety of applications. The MEQ1000B allows you to build custom QAM’s from up to two diverse sources to give cable operators the best utilization of bandwidth.

Video content from both modules enters the main chassis where it can be MPEG program filtered, multiplexed, and groomed. Any number of program streams can be sent to the QAM modulator for output and/or exported via the MEQ1000B platforms additional ASI output.

Applications: Hospitality, Health Care, Commercial, Government and Military, Digital Signage, and Cable Networks

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