MIDM-806C 7740C Agile Micromod Demodulator
  • MIDM-806C

Blonder Tongue MIDM-806C 7740C Agile Micromod Demodulator

Blonder Tongue's MIDM is a professional quality agile audio/video demodulator and is intended for both CATV and VHF & UHF applications. The unit is in a “single width” Die-Cast housing that allows deployment of up to 12 demodulator units in a MIRC-12 chassis.

The MIDM demodulates standard CATV, IRC and HRC channels and is capable for “Cherry Picking” of CATV channels in preparation for remodulation. The input frequency range is agile, allowing selection of any CATV channel from 54 to 806 MHz. Baseband audio and video are provided as outputs. It is ideal for off-air signal processing (audio/video processing and remodulation) applications. Baseband audio and video are provided as ouptuts. The MIDM features rock solid, phase lock loop (PLL) synthesized frequency control. Agile frequency selection is accomplished via front panel channel up/down buttons with a LED channel readout for easy on-the-fly channel changes. A channel lockout mode is also provided to prevent accidental channel changes. Non-volatile memory maintains the programmed channel selection in case of power loss. The MIDM is compatible with any modulators requiring a baseband input, and can be used in any combination with the MIPS-12C power supply in a MIRC-12 chassis.

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