Mini-Connect Ethernet to USB Converter
  • AJA Mini-Connect converts ethernet to 4 USB outputs
  • Mini-Connect uses universal input +5V power supply

AJA Video Systems Mini-Connect Ethernet to USB Converter

Mini-Connect enables control of up to four AJA ROI USB-enabled Mini-Converters over a single Ethernet connection. Mini-Connect integrates with your existing Ethernet network to provide easy access using any web browser on any platform for easy configuration and control of ROI Mini Converters anywhere in your facility.

The Mini-Connect product consists of the hardware Mini-Connect, Mini-Connect web server and firmware residing on the Mini-Connect, and AJA’s eMini-Setup application that runs on either Windows or Mac OSX. 

Mini-Connect serves webpages permitting communications and control via computer over a network. You can access Mini-Converter User Interface screens (similar to those used by AJA’s Mini-Config application) to control each of the connected Mini-Converters. The separate eMini-Setup application that runs on either Windows or Mac OS is used to communicate with and configure Mini-Connect directly via USB. The eMini-Setup application does not communicate with down stream Mini-Converters.

Mini-Connect’s network configuration (IP address, DHCP, etc.) and firmware updates can be accomplished using either the Ethernet connection or a direct USB connection and AJA’s eMini-Setup application. Operational configuration of Mini-Converters connected to Mini-Connect can be controlled via Ethernet, but their firmware cannot be updated via Ethernet.

The eMini-Setup application is only used to setup Mini-Connect, and cannot be used to connect to or setup attached Mini-Converters.

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Ethernet to USB Converter 
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