• VideoBRIDGE Archive Lite

Sencore MOSAIQ

The VB7810 VideoBRIDGE Archive Lite is Sencore’s answer to the growing need to monitor, archive and investigate the as-run status of video services. With increasing legal requirements for even small broadcasters to deliver captions and audio features for all customers and the necessity to prove what was broadcast, the VB7810 is the perfect tool for small service providers to meet these requirements.

By leveraging the best features of the VideoBRIDGE VB7880, VB-ARCHIVE and VBC products and coupling them together into an all-in- one server with hardware included, customers can quickly and easily put in place a system to meet the government requirements for safe harbor monitoring.

The VB7810 supports video thumbnail extraction for 10 services. It also includes closed caption extraction and alarming along with audio loudness analysis. All of these can then be automatically archived for long-term storage in a secure database and later retrieved for investigative and report reasons. With the intuitive timeline view, users can quickly and easily navigate through the archived content to find the exact time or content needed for analysis or reporting.

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