NXG-EAS NXG Emergency Alert System Module
  • NXG-EAS supports up to 512 programs for EAS broadcast

Blonder Tongue NXG-EAS NXG Emergency Alert System Module

The NXG-EAS (EAS Module for IP - Zone 1) is part of the Blonder Tongue NeXgen Gateway (NXG) platform that supports full content video delivery from a service provider to enterprise property locations via Ethernet.

The NXG-EAS module is a scalable and cost-effective solution allowing video service providers to deliver next generation video content and SCTE compliant Emergency Alert System messaging to hospitality locations.

Each NXG-EAS module handles one EAS zone, permitting up to 512 SPTS in a single NXG system to service multiple properties with targeted messages by using multiple EAS and IP, or QAM output modules. The IP transport streams are then routed to the NXG backplane for further IP or RF distribution.

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