NXG-EPG NXG Electronic Program Guide Module
  • NXG-EPG Electronic Program Guide module is customizable with property or company logo

Blonder Tongue NXG-EPG NXG Electronic Program Guide Module

The NXG-EPG (Electronic Program Guide Module) is part of Blonder Tongue’s flagship NeXgen Gateway (NXG) platform, which supports full two-way service provider content delivery to enterprise properties via traditional coaxial cable, fiber or Ethernet. 

The NXG-EPG module allows the content service provider to offer a custom program guide for the property’s unique channel lineup. The NXG-EPG module can be configured to input a gracenote IDs (TMS) guide data source file from gracenote.

The NXG-EPG can be customized to include the property’s logo, images, or JPEG/PNG banner advertisements in the header or footer sections of the electronic program guide.  This allows the property to sell local ad space to local businesses to increase revenue or advertise special events at the property.  The content service provider or property owner can also design the colors and font sizes to match their current branding.

The NXG-EPG output is an MPEG-2 1080i video program, available in both IP and RF QAM formats supporting major and minor channels via the NXG QAM and/or IP output modules, so it can be displayed on TV’s with or without set top boxes.  The program guide provides an easy way for guests to find their favorite TV content through a scrolling grid-based list instead of channel surfing, thus improving the guests overall TV experience.

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