OMC-750E Handheld Optical Fiber Microscope
  • OMC-750E Optical Fiber Microcsope offers 4x digital zoom

Toner Cable OMC-750E Handheld Optical Fiber Microscope

The quality and cleanliness of a fiber optic connector is imperative to a quality optical connection. Connectors with dust, scratches, chips or a poor polish, even when new can drastically affect the system performance in a fiber optic link. For these reasons, it is important to inspect the end face of the fiber in the connector.

The OMC-750E is an optical microscope for inspecting the connector end face to make sure it is not damaged or dirty prior to use. Because the OMC-750E uses a TFT display to the connector, it is much safer than traditional hand held microscopes that one looks into to view the fiber. It eliminates the chance of looking at a live fiber with your eye and damaging your eye or blinding you.

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