OPV-CTLR-IC SNMP Network Management Suite & Controller Card

OPV-CTLR-IC SNMP Network Management Suite & Controller Card

Opticomm's OptivaView SNMP Management Suite makes remote monitoring of Optiva products simple.

Through the utilization of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), the Optiva Controller Card operates under a uniform software platform which allows for effi cient integration with other devices. The OptivaView SNMP Controller Card (Model OPV-CTLR-IC) fi ts within any Optiva enclosure and requires only one slot. The controller card collects data coming from any Optiva chassis and the OptivaView Graphical User Interface Management Software analyzes and displays the data to the user.

The OptivaView SNMP Controller Card can serve as an interface providing critical data to any SNMP based Management Software. An example of such software is the HP Openview Source. The client retains the ultimate discretion of whether to use the OptivaView software or an alternative, ensuring both independence and fl exibility in system management.

A Management Information Base (MIB) is integrated within the OptivaView SNMP Controller Card. The MIB collects, stores and provides all information required by the Network Management Software to understand the data presented by the OptivaView SNMP Controller Card. This means that regardless of which viewing medium you select, the designated software will receive all collected data.

The controller card occupies a single slot in any Optiva(TM) chassis and can monitor all cards operating in the chassis via the daisy-chained backplane. The 16 slot, 4 slot & 6 slot Optiva enclosures will detect the presence of the controller card and notify the user via an "NMS" LED located on the front of the chassis. The OPV-CTLR-IC can connect to a LAN/WAN network via the Ethernet port.

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