OT-1000-HH 1 GHz SuperMod 1550nm Fiber Optic Transmitter
  • Olsont OT-1000-HH 1 GHz SuperMod 1550nm Optical Transmitter utlizes SC/APC optical connector & RS485 control interface

Olson Technology OT-1000-HH 1 GHz SuperMod 1550nm Fiber Optic Transmitter

The Olson LaserLite OT-1000-HH 1GHz SuperMod (Direct Mod) 1550nm Optical Transmitter is a cost effective, high quality, full-featured 1RU 19" optical transmitter. Designed for optical transport of forward path analog, return path and digital QAM broadcast signals, the OT-1000-HH transmitter is ideal for CATV Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) applications and Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) deployments using Active/Passive Optical Network (AON/PON) architectures.

The OT-1000-HH transmitter utilizes a high-quality, DFB, low-chirp, optically isolated DWDM laser that uses advanced predistortion, SBS and pre-chirping technology to provide excellent signal quality. Often referred to as a Direct Mod 1550 nm transmitter, the OT-1000-HH SuperMod transmitter approaches External Modulator performance levels at distances from 0 to 20km at a substantially lower cost. The transmitter operates in the ITUgrid wavelength with adjustable wavelength to ±100GHz when used with the Network Controller. The Network Controller can control a wide range of transmitter parameters.

The OT-1000-HH provides exterior RF and optical connections and test points. These are the perfect companion to Olson Technology’s LaserLite OTEA-CO, OTEB-CO and OTEA-CM series EDFA’s and the MetroNode Model OTMN-x and PremiseNode Model OTPN-x product families, but is also designed to operate seamlessly with optical receivers and/or nodes from most leading manufacturers.

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