OTEA-CL LaserLite 1550nm Optical Amplifier
  • Olson Technology OTEA-CL LaserLite 1550nm Optical Amplifier front-panel and RS-232 serial interface for monitoring and controlf

Olson Technology OTEA-CL LaserLite 1550nm Optical Amplifier

The Olson OTEA-CL series 1550nm Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is a rackmount 1RU or 2RU EDFA package providing 4 to 24 optical outputs at +18 to +22dBm each. It is engineered to meet the requirements for a high-density solution for the very large-scale distribution of broadband CATV video and/or wideband multi-channel LBand video. The OTEA-CL series has a number of versatile features. For instance, the optical output power can be adjusted from 0 to 3dB below the rated power by the user via the RS-232 serial port. 

The Olson OTEA-CL-Series eliminates the traditional requirement of converting the optical signal to 1310nm for “last mile” distribution, facilitating the design of robust end-to-end optical transport networks directly from the head-end to large numbers of remote node or premise locations without O-E-O conversions. The combination of this EDFA and a 1550nm transmitter, such as an externally modulated (EM) 1550nm transmitter (i.e. the Olson Model OTOT-EM55X or XL) or directly modulated (DM) 1550nm transmitter (i.e. the Olson Model OTOT-870-FF or FQ) can costeffectively replace large quantities of standard 1310nm DFB transmitters without compromising system performance.

This rugged, low-profile, high-efficiency EDFA design provides up to eight optical outputs in the 1RU chassis and 24 optical outputs in the 2RU package over a wide operating temperature range, with low power consumption. The Model OTEA-CL-Series also incorporates P-controlled electrical control circuitry, and is stabilized with APC. This includes photodiodes for monitoring the optical input and output power through tap couplers. The pump laser diode input current is determined by a feedback circuit in order to minimize the difference between the detected output power level and preset output power level. The 1RU package can deliver a total of 800mW/+29dBm. The 2RU package is used for total power levels above 800mW/+29dBm.

The LaserLite OTEA-CL-Series erbium doped fiber amplifier is the perfect companion to Olson’s LaserPlus, LaserLite and SATELLitePlus families of 1550nm EM and DM transmitters and the MetroNode, PremiseNode and SATELLitePlus families of receiver/nodes. It is also designed to operate seamlessly with optical transmitters, receivers and nodes from most leading manufacturers.

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