OTS-1L Wideband Optical Link
  • OTS-1L

OTS-1L Wideband Optical Link

50 MHz to 3 GHz Wideband Optical Link
Opticomm's Optiva OTS-1L wideband fiber-optic links are optimized to perform in the 50 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range providing transparent signal transportation for satellite antenna applications.

EMCORE’s satellite and microwave transmitters / receivers are SNMP compliant, making them able to be housed in the same chassis as with Optiva HD video, audio, serial data and USB extension / distribution cards, and monitored by the same Network Management System (NMS).

System Design
The Optiva platform includes a wide range of transport solutions over fiber for satellite and microwave communications applications, including constructing transparent links for antenna remoting, inter- and intra-facility video transport links, as well as high-dynamic-range applications such as electronic warfare systems. 

Optiva insert cards support both 19” rackmount and compact tabletop or wallmountable enclosures. The 3RU 19” rackmount enclosure (Models: OT-CC-16 and OT-CC-16F) can support up to 16 insert cards as well as dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies utilizing two 100 watt or two 200 watt power supplies. Also available in the rackmount form factor is our 1RU enclosure (Model: OT-CC-6-1U) which can accommodate six insert cards and utilizes two 60 watt power supplies. For desktop or wall mounting applications there are one-slot (Model:OT-DTCR-1) and two-slot (Model: OT-DTCR-2) enclosures. Both use an external wall mount power supply.

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