PMN-1 Mini Indoor Optical Node
  • PMN-1

Pico Digital/ATX PMN-1 Mini Indoor Optical Node

The Pico Macom model PMN-1 is a compact, cost-effective and fully featured indoor optical node specifically designed for the delivery of analog and digital video, high-speed data and telephony signals into homes. This unit has diverse applications in MDU, industrial, government and educational institutions for the delivery of current and future broadband CATV services. The fiber core employed in the unit design is a 1310/1550 nm optical receiver with a wide optical input window of -6 to 3dBm. The PMN-1 has an integrated optical attenuator and equalizer and a precision LED to indicate received optical power. The power is provided through coaxial cable (line) or an external wall mount power adaptor. The unit employs GaAs amplifier technology for excellent broadband RF performance and spurious-free RF output.

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