R20DA SDI Distribution Amplfier
  • R20DA SDI Distribution Amplifier by AJA Video Systems

AJA Video Systems R20DA SDI Distribution Amplfier

AJA Video's R20DA is a multi-format, 1x8 SDI Distribution Amplifier. The SDI input is re-clocked and equalized to 300 meters of cable. In addition, the multi-standard feature allows the R20DA to automatically adapt to 143, 177, 270or 360 Mb SDI inputs.

Inputs:    SDI (SMPTE 259M), BNC
Outputs: SDI (SMPTE 259M), 8x BNC
                 Re-Clocked, Equalized
Size:        Fits AJA R-Series Frames
                 Compatible With Leitch® 6800 Series Frames
Power:    3 watts

Ships in approx. 1 week
$275 .00