Reboot NPS Series Switched PDU
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WTI Reboot NPS Series Switched PDU

Critical network elements such as routers, servers and firewalls often lock-up or hang needing a simple flip of the power switch to bring back online.  Why waste time driving out to remote sites and dealing with angry users when you could just reboot equipment from home? WTI’s NPS series of Switched PDUs can eliminate unnecessary service calls and truck rolls by giving complete power on/off/reboot control to outlets powering remote equipment. Just access a WTI Network Power Switch via HTTPS, SNMP, external PSTN, Satellite or 3G modem and choose which outlet(s) you want to power on, off or reboot. If that’s not convenient enough the NPS can also completely eliminate equipment downtime by automatically rebooting outlets when a network device ceases responding to ping commands.The NPS includes a robust selection of monitoring and control features, including event alarms and SNMP polling to help you keep tabs on vital network elements. Avoid costly service calls and maximize up time with a WTI Network Power Switch!

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