T9261-D Ultra-HD HEVC, 1080P AVC, 1080i MPEG2 Decoder
  • T9261-D supports streaming via Gigabit Ethernet, optional mPCIe WiFi or LTE interfaces.

T21 T9261-D Ultra-HD HEVC, 1080P AVC, 1080i MPEG2 Decoder

Live and File Decode

Media playback from the on-board SD card, optional USB, mSATA hard drive, or network mounted storage enables playback of 4K Ultra-HD HEVC, 1080P AVC or 1080i MPEG 2.

The T9261-D Web UI includes a media analysis tool along with metadata and thumbnail support of mounted media. Drive capacity, used and available space metrics are also readily accessible.

Streaming media support includes UDP for private networks with the option of Zixi for public network use. The T9261-D interface allows the user to inputs streams from either of the Gigabit interfaces or optional wireless interface.


Push media directly to your network with the T9261-D. Ideal for serving other T9261-D or
software decoder applications.

Live and File Transcode

Input 4K Ultra-HD HEVC, AVC or MPEG 2 and transcode to AVC or MPEG 2. Container support includes MPEG 2 Transport Streams, ISO 14496 base media file format (BMFF) and raw Elementary streams on both the inputs and outputs. Resolution, bit rate, CODEC and container adaptation are supported. Contact T-21 with your transcode, transrate or container adaptation requirements.

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