TDA40D31-1200 2 Way DOCSIS 3.1 Broadband Amplifier
  • TDA40D31-1200 amplifier has an aluminum die-cast housing with superior heat dissipation

Toner Cable TDA40D31-1200 2 Way DOCSIS 3.1 Broadband Amplifier

The Toner TDA40D31-1200 Broadband Amplifier is the newest addition to the Toner TDA series of amplifiers.

This amp was specifically designed for the newer DOCSIS 3.1 systems where bandwidth to 1220 MHz is required and several reverse frequency splits are available. Amplifier comes with a fully upgradeable configuration from a stock 42/54, reverse split to 85/102 and 204/258 by simply exchanging the diplex filter sets- future proofing upstream bandwidth requirements.

This broadband DOCSIS 3.1 amplifier has 40 dB of forward gain with minimal distortions which is accomplished with the use of GaAs hybrid silicone technology with a 50 dBmV output capability. The amp has a GaAs reverse amp with 24 dB of gain. Both forward and reverse are set using JXP style plug in pads for both gain and output control as well as for equalization. The TDA40D31-1200 is built in a hinged aluminum housing that ensures 100 dB RFI and weather protection to IP54. Powering is by a remote 24 VDC plug in transformer.

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