TSMS2150x-16A Rack-Mounted 5x16 Satellite Multiswitch
  • TSMS-2150x-16A Rack Mounted 2x16 Satellite Multiswitch

Pico Digital/ATX TSMS2150x-16A Rack-Mounted 5x16 Satellite Multiswitch

Pico Macom’s TSMS-2150X-16A rack-mounted satellite multiswitch can be used in every SMATV application requiring satellite 950-2150 MHz IF distribution. The easy mount enclosure and all rear panel connections provide for rack mounting or quick and easy wall mounting by simply turning the unit face to the wall. To compensate for insertion loss, the TSMS multiswitch uses a separate built-in amplifier for satellite and/or VHF/UHF signals. The TSMS-2150X-16, used with the external power supply, will supply power to the LNBs reducing heat build up within the multiswitch and prolong the life of the unit.

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$161 .00