TXS3800 ATSC 3.0 to TS Multi-Channel Transcoder
  • TXS3800 Mulit-Channel Transcoder has ATSC 3.0 via RF and/or IP inputs

Sencore TXS3800 ATSC 3.0 to TS Multi-Channel Transcoder

With the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard breaking compatibility with traditional broadcast transport streams, the need convert these signals to support retransmission on existing cable, IPTV and satellite systems is set to grow rapidly.

Sencore’s new TXS 3800 is a robust and reliable multichannel 1RU ATSC 3.0 to Transport Stream transcoder that is ideally suited to help MVPDs convert ATSC 3.0 to the formats and video/audio CODECs they need for their existing distribution systems.

The TXS 3800 includes both an ATSC 3.0 RF input and an IP input for receiving the new-format streams. These streams are then repackaged into transport streams and the video and audio can be transcoded into compatible CODECs, resolutions and formats. The converted streams are then output as IP multicasts or unicasts for distribution. The powerful and high quality transcoder in the TXS 3800 can transcode and repackage up to four programs/services from the same RF channel.

Unit configuraiton is done using the intuitive web GUI, front panel, or through automation system utilizing the SNMP or web-services API.

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