UltraMatrix AV Pro 4K UHD Modular Matrix Switch 8x8 to 144x144
  • UltraMatrix AV Pro offers a modular chassis with configurable 4-port I/O cards

Rose Electronics UltraMatrix AV Pro 4K UHD Modular Matrix Switch 8x8 to 144x144

The UltraMatrix AV Pro is a high-performance video and audio modular matrix switching engine supporting a maximum of 144-input signal sources and 144-output displays synchronously.

The switch simultaneously supports multiple different video signals with true cross-point switching capability of any input port switched to any output port. Every video or audio signal is transmitted and switched independently to decrease signal attenuation. The UltraMatrix AV Pro chassis supports various changeable cards including HMDI, DVI, VGA, SDI HDBaseT and fiber optic. The I/O connections to these cards are hot-swappable, providing for enhanced system configuration changes. Users can assemble the chassis as a fixed switching matrix or add and change cards depending on application requirements.

The UltraMatrix AV Pro has a power fail memory function and audio can be transmitted together or separate from each video signal. Serial device transmission is also available on the HDBase-T card.

Configuration and control of the switch can be managed using the included IR controller, by RS-232 serial port control for 3rd party controller devices and also via the Ethernet TCP/IP port.

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