VieBit Live & Video-on-Demand Streaming Solutions
  • VieBit streaming solution provides high quality video optimized for internet streaming

Leightronix VieBit Live & Video-on-Demand Streaming Solutions

VieBit™ provides high quality HD/SD live and video-on-demand streaming solutions that allow customers to easily and affordably equip their viewers with a customized video website. VieBit was designed to optimize users’ workflows by integrating with the new IncodeX Vier™ HD/SD H.264 broadcast/streaming encoder, as well as other popular encoding options such as the IncodeX Stream, UltraNEXUS-HD™, EHD2™, UltraNEXUS-SDI™, UltraNEXUS™, LABvault-HD™, LABvault-SD™, and legacy equipment including the PEGvault-SD™, and PEGstream-SD2™.

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