Xcion KVM Extender DVI/USB & HDMI/USB Over CATx & Fiber
  • Xcion KVM Extender DVI/USB & HDMI/USB Over CATx & Fiber

Rose Electronics Xcion KVM Extender DVI/USB & HDMI/USB Over CATx & Fiber

The Xcion KVM Extender is the ideal device for extending DVI, VGA or HDMI video, USB, audio, and serial. The HDMI product is available as a CATx extender only and the DVI product uses either CATx or fiber cable interconnect. Signals can be extended to 492 feet (150 m) over CATx cable, 1640ft (500m) over multi-mode fiber cable and up to 12.4 miles (20Km) over single-mode fiber cable.

The Receiver unit supports up to 4 directly connected USB 1.1 or 2.0 devices at speeds up to 12Mbps (e.g. keyboards, mice, touch screens, tablets, scanners, or printers). The USB 2.0 memory option adds support for equipment such as mass storage devices, which need data rates up to 64Mbps. The option can be included in the original order or activated later by purchasing an unlock code and entering it in the OSD menu. Other options for the DVI Extender only include bidirectional analog audio, RS232 signal extension, and VGA video input.

The Xcion KVM Extender is packaged in a compact steel chassis, ideal for use in industrial applications and at installation sites requiring a robust and durable product. The TX/RX chassis can be rack mounted in a rack cabinet, with up to four units side by side on a 1U shelf, as well as wall, table, or DIN rail mounted.

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