Z-Balun WPX Wall Mount Shielded Balun w/Diplexer
  • Z-Balun WPX HDTV Over CAT5E / CAT6

Z-Band Video Z-Balun WPX Wall Mount Shielded Balun w/Diplexer

The wall mount Z-Balun WPX is one of the basic components of Z-Band’s high definition video distribution system. It is located at the receive end of the system and permits a TV, Set Top Box/Cable Box or PC with a Tuner Card to be connected to the system for HDTV over CAT 5e or better cable. The balun is not only an impedance matching device, but serves also as a small self- adjusting amplifier and signal conditioner that senses its distance from the hub, and adjusts its output to assure proper signal level to the TV at distances up to 100 meters. The input to the wall mount ZBalun WPX is via a RJ-45 Jack on the rear. Its output on the front of the device features an F- Connector for RF video and an auxiliary RJ-45 Jack for IP applications.

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