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Handheld Fusion Splicer Kit Includes: New Fiber Cleaver (16,000 cleaved fibers), 250 & 900 μm Fiber Stripper, 12 VDC Power Supply, 250 & 900 μ m Fiber Holders, Replaceable Lithium Battery, Carrying Case

$1,895 .00


Professional Fusion Splicer Kit Includes: New fiber cleaver with removable scrap container (up to 16,000 cuts), 125, 250 and 900μm fiber stripper, 12VDC power supply and 12V car adapter, Carrying handle and shoulder strap, Replaceable lithium battery, Isopropyl alcohol container with dispenser, Plastic tweezers, 2 sets spare electrodes, Fiber splice stand, 2 sets spare fiber holders, Interchangeable head for pre-configurated connectors fusions

$2,895 .00