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User manuals for Blonder Tongue products:

ACA Series CATV RF Distribution Amplifier
ACA-30 Series User Manual

ACA-35-1000 CATV RF Distribution Amplifier, 1000 MHz, 35 dB gain
ACA 35-1000 User Manual

AD-1 Analog Agile Demodulator
AD-1 User Manual

AM Series Agile Modulators
AM Series User Manual

AMCM-860D Agile Micro Channel Modulator
AMCM Quick Reference Guide

AP Series Agile Heterodyne Processors
AP User Manual

AQD Agile 8VSB/QAM Demodulator
AQD User Manual

AQM Agile QAM Modulator (Discontinued Item)
AQM User Manual

AQP Agile 8VSB / QAM to QAM Processor
AQP User Manual

AQT Agile 8VSB / QAM to QAM Transcoder
AQT User Manual

AQT8-IP ATSC/QAM Transcoder 8x8 VSB/QAM to IP
AQT8-IP User Manual
AQT8-IP Quick Guide

AQT-QAM/IP User Manual
AQT-QAM/IP Quick Guide

ASI-4 1 x 4 ASI splitter
ASI-4 User Manual

BAVM-860SAW Analog A/V Modulator
BAVM-860SAW User Manual

BIDA Series Broadband Indoor Distribution Amplifier
BIDA 5400 User Manual
BIDA-5800 User Manual
BIDA-5900 User Manual

BT CMTS-3000 User Manual

BTPRO-1000 QAM / 8VSB / Analog Signal Analyzer
BTPRO-1000 User Manual
BTPRO-1000 Quick Guide

BTPRO-7000S HD Tablet / Touch Signal Analyzer
BTPRO-7000S User Manual

BTY-C-Mount, Cantiliever mount kit for BTY series antennas
BTY-MC User Manual

BTY-LP-BB Broadband VHF (2-13) Log Periodic Heavy Duty Antenna
BTY-LP-BB User Manual

BTY-UHF-BB Broadband UHF Log Periodic Heavy Duty Antenna
BTY-UHF-BB User Manual

CEF-750 Channel Elimination Filter
CEF-750 User Manual

DHDC-DH 8VSB Digital Downconverter (horizontal housing)
DHDC-DH User Manual

DHDC-DV 8VSB Digital Downconverter (vertical housing)
DHDC-DV User Manual

DHDC-UH 8VSB Digital Upconverter (horizontal housing)
DHDC-UH User Manual

DHDP-V 8VSB Digital Processor
DHDP User Manual

DQMx Digital QAM Multiplexer
DQMx User Manual

DSV42 Diplex Filter 5-42/54-1000 MHz
DVS-42 User Manual

FIBT-10-1550, 1550 nm Fiber Optic Transmitter, 10 dBm
FIBT-10-1550 User Manual

FIBT-S3A Fiber Optic 1310 nm Transmitter
FIBT & MIBT User Manual

FOCN Compact Fiber Optic Node
FOCN User Manual

FRDA Fiber Optic Receiver, 1310-1550 nm, 42 dBmV Output
FRDA User Manual

FRRA Fiber Optic Receiver, Rack Mount, 1310-1550 nm, 42 dbmV Output
FRRA User Manual

HDE-2H/2S-QAM MPEG-2 HD Encoder 2x HDMI/2x HD-SDI/4x Component - 4x QAM
HDE-2H2S-QAM User Manual

HDE-4S-PRO Professional MPEG-2 Encoder 4-HD-SDI & 1 Spare to 4-QAM & 4-IP
HDE-4S-PRO User Manual

HDE-4S-QAM MPEG-2 HD Encoder 4x HD-SDI / 4x Component - 4x QAM
HDE-4S-QAM User Manual

HDE-HVC-PRO Professional MPEG-2 HD/SD Encoder 1-HDMI/VGA/Component to 1-QAM/ASI/IP
HDE-HVC-PRO User Manual

HDE-QAM HD MPEG2 Encoder HDMI Input-QAM Output
HDE-QAM User Manual

HPC Series Headend Passive Combiner
HPC Series User Manual

IPME IPTV Ethernet Television Encoder
IPME User Manual

MDDA-860 Micro ATSC / QAM Transcoder 1x 8VSB / QAM - 1x ASI
MDDA860 User Manual

MDDM-860 Micro ATSC / QAM Demodulator 1x 8VSB / QAM - 1x AV
MDDM-860 User Manual

MIDM-806C 7740C Agile Micromod Demodulator
MIDM User Manual

MIRC-12V 2RU Chassis for 12 Micromods
MIRC-12V User Manual

MIRC-4CUBE-CH 4 Slot Vertical Micromod Chassis
MIRC-4CUBE User Manual

MIRC-4D 1RU Chassis for 4 Micromods
MIRC-4D HE12 & 4 User Manual

MISE Stereo Encoder
MISE User Manual

MTSA-PRO MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer ASI/RF/IP to USB
MTSA-PRO User Manual

MUX-2A-QAM ASI Multiplexer 2x ASI/QAM - QAM
MUX-2A-QAM User Manual

MUX-2D-QAM 8 VSB/QAM Multiplexer
MUX-2D-QAM User Manual

OC-12D Passive Combiner
OC-12D User Manual

PS1526 Preamplifier Power Supplies
PS-1526 User Manual
PS-1536 User Manual

QTM QAM Transcoder Module 1x QPSK / 8PSK 1x QAM
QTM User Manual

RMDA Series / Rack Mounted Distribution Amplifiers
RMDA User Manual

SDE-4AV-QAM MPEG2 Enhanced SD Encoder 4-AV to 1-QAM/ASI/IP
SDE-4AV-QAM User Manual

VACD-12 & AB-800 Video All-Call System
VACD User Manual


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