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Give us a call  800-523-5947
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User manuals for Drake products:

300VMF+ Commercial Video Modulator
300VMFplus User Manual

ACT1000 8VSB To QAM Transcoder
ACT1000 User Manual

DA Series Distribution Amplifiers
DA Series User Manual

DAD860 & DAD860A Digital to Analog Decoder
DAD860 & DAD860A User Manual

DAR Series Rack Mounted Distribution Amplifiers
DAR Series User Manual

DDC864A 8VSB Digital Downconverter
DDC864 User Manual

DMM806 analog agile demodulator
DMM806 User Manual

DRMM12 12 Module Rack Enclosure
DRMM12 User Manual

DRMM4 4 Module Rack Enclosure
DRMM4 User Manual

DSE2 Plus Dual HD Digital Signage Encoder with Multiplexed QAM Output
DSE2 Plus User Manual

DTD-1000 Demodulator Input Module
DTD1000 User Manual

DUC864A Digital Signal Upconverter (54-860 MHz)
DUC864 User Manual

EH24 Encoder Host / Chassis System
EH24A User Manual

EH244 Encoder Host Chassis
EH244 User Manual

HDE24A MPEG2 / MPEG4 HD Encoder
HDE24 User Manual

MEQ1000B Multiplexing Hybrid QAM Modulator (NO FRONT DISPLAY)
MEQ1000B User Manual
MEQ-1000B User Manual

MMTS20 Stereo Encoder
MMTS20 User Manual

MPM860AG Channel 3 or 4 Agile Processor
MPM860AG User Manual

MQM1000 Multiplexing QAM Modulator
MQM1000 User Manual

PS8 Power Supply for Up To 8 Modules
PS8 User Manual

PSM125 Minirack Headend System Power Supply
PSM125 User Manual

RMM12 Minirack Headend System Chassis
RMM12 User Manual

RMM4 Minirack Headend System Chassis
RMM4 User Manual

SDE24 Standard Definition Encoder Module
SDE24 User Manual

TMQAMasi Digital QAM Modulator
TMQAMasi User Manual

TUM714 Block Upconverter for Conversion of T Channels
TUM714 User Manual

VM2551 Frequency Agile Modulator
VM2551 User Manual

VM2860 Agile Video Modulator
VM2860 User Manual

VM2862 Frequency Agile Modulator
VM2862 User Manual

VMM600/VMM860 Video Modulator
VMM600 User Manual

VMM860AG Frequency Agile Modulator
VMM860AG User Manual


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