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Elemental Cloud

Barry Lauer, Government Sales Manager from Elemental shares the features and benefits of the Cloud video processing platform component that provides real-time video and audio encoding for linear pay TV broadcast and live streaming to new media platforms.

Video Transcript:

Our cloud is the most well thought out, cloud product out on the market today. It is very intuitive, very capable, everything that we can do from an appliance level, aside from taking an SDI and shoving it into the cloud somehow, we can do in the cloud.

All of our products physically live in Amazon’s data center and you’re not touching anybody else’s cloud system. They’re spun up as your cloud; you’re not comingling with anybody else’s video or data.

You get a web GUI. You know how much you are using of the cloud. Everything is very easily controlled and setup. You can buy it by the hour, on a monthly basis, an annual basis, a tri-annual basis and you get a website, you get an IP address and you can start creating your system from there. You can use all the tools in there or you can use a few tools. It’s all available to you at that cost so it’s just really a matter of hours you are using all the stuff in the cloud.

We do consider this platform as a service. You can get the video to it a couple of different ways. If you are doing streaming, you can send it us an RTP or RTMP stream. If you’ve got a device that’s already sending or on site capable of creating it or you can get an elemental on site. So we do support kind of a hybrid of on prim and cloud. But if you have already anything in the work flow that can create, say, an MPEG4 RTP stream or an RTMP, which is flash stream, we will give you the IP address to push that to. And from that, you can ingest the video, create all of the different ABR rates, push it to delta, and do all of things we were talking about doing on the ground.

You can also use it for transcoding; we can transcode in the cloud. And you can do cloud bursting, so if you have a lot of work you are doing on prim it will automatically burst up into the cloud from their on prim solution and the conductor is what is controlling that. It sees, “wow you have so much in the queue on the ground, I’m going to burst it up to the cloud and start using the cloud infrastructure to start helping you with getting this work done.”

So this is a work flow, an example of a hybrid, so we can have all of this stuff on the ground where we need physical inputs for live, VOD, and push things to delta. And we can also push it up, if they’re using AWS3 storage, we can ingress and egress from any storage they are using within AWS network as well.

In some of the leadership’s minds, it moves you from a CAPEX, spending all that money, to OPEX. Sometimes that money is a little easier to come by then buying all of this equipment. Again, monthly, annually or tri-annually. What we are showing here is that it is really hard to predict how much equipment, like what we discussed earlier for the worst case scenario. And with the cloud, you can always move up to the cloud investing less in the ground infrastructure and still be prepared for anything that may happen.

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