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Elemental Server File to File Transcoder

An overview of Elemental's Server which provides very fast file transoding.

Video Transcript:

Elemental Server, which if you remember, is our file to file transcoder.  So very fast transcoding. Where the Elemental Server comes into play in the work flow is if you’ve got a lot of broadcast assets that live on storage that you want to transcode to make VOD assets.

So we will go into Elemental Live first. This is probably our biggest selling device. It will do real time transcode, so we can take in an SDI, IP, ASI, will transcode it in real time and we can deliver it as multicast, unicast, any of the ABR, HEVC, MPEG4, TS. So it’s a very, very capable box.

Where we see it is if we record something in our live box where we have recorded it to storage, when it closes it can automatically go to server to have all of the ABR formats made to prep it for VOD.

It can be transcoded faster than real time for delivery as VOD. In the scenario of delivering video on demand, typically you have a storage full of assets that can already be web ready or web delivery ready or it can be all of the high res and you only transcode it when you need it. So when somebody goes to Netflix again and clicks on an old video that’s been sitting on the server and that’s kind of been moved off the server to save space, if the high res still exists we can create faster than real time, meaning that we can start delivering that video instantly when they click that button, because we are creating the ABR’s for delivery that fast.

So up to 24 simultaneous HD transcodes or 48 SD. With our K80’s, its probably halved those times that are down there. So a 52 min 1080p is probably down to 10 or 12 minutes now for a transcode.

About the on demand workflows, someone makes a selection to watch something, that stuff is typically living on storage. It will go to the server, be transcoded, and delivered through the origin server, through the CDM to the device.

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Mailing List

To receive additional news and product information from Toner Cable please submit your email address: