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$900......EN4SC-4M2A00 4 Program HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Input Encoder Module
$1200....SMP190R-8VSB 8VSB to IP Stream Media Platform
$300......QAM-01 4 Channel DMP-SMP QAM-B Modulator Module
$450......8VSBM-02 2 Channel 8VSB Modulator Module
$312......OHR-DVBS2CI-00 2 Channel DVB-S2 Receiving Module
$200......8VSBM-01 Single Channel 8VSB Modulator Module
$280......UMH160R-S2-SDI IRD DVB-S2 HDMI, ASI, SDI, Out
$500......EN4AV-4M2B00 4 Program SD CVBS Encoder Card
$333......IMPULSE 200E-01 Streaming MPEG4 Encoder SDI HDMI CVBS
$380......UMH160RS2-IP IRD DVB-S2 ASI & IP In, CVBS, HDMI, ASI, IP & SDI Out

Agile 8VSB to QAM Transcoder

A compact 8VSB to QAM transcoder that is packaged like any mini modulator and fits most standard mini mod chassis. The TAVQ features an 8VSB input frequency range of 54 to 806 MHz and QAM output frequency range of 54 to 1000 MHz. With the TAVQ you have the ability to edit PMT, Service / Network names as well as channel numbering in either virtual numbering or major / minor channel numbering.

2 Way Broadband Line Extender

This new and improved line extender has Gallium Arsenide (GaAs FET) hybrid providing high RF output while maintaining low distortion characteristics. The bandwidth is 5-1220 MHz ideal for systems deploying DOCSIS 3.1 or planning on deploying it in the future.

Rackmount Fiber Optic Receiver

For receiving optical RF signals and distributing them in an RF system such as a CATV system or a PON network. This one-way node receives optical signals at 1310 – 1550 nm with a wide window of -8 to +2 dBm. The node has an output level of 45 dBmV while maintaining excellent distortion characters.

High Performance Transcoder (With 4 Year SLA)

oftware based multi-channel transcoder platform that supports both linear and OTT transcoding which allows to integrate different video format between networks and enable content streaming over public internet or via mobile network.

8VSB/QAM/ATSC 3.0/DOCSIS 3.1 Signal Level Meter

Lightweight, compact and robust meter that includes a full range of tools and functionalities to successfully perform installation, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks in both analogue networks and digital networks with ATSC, and QAM channels.

Impulse 400D
4K UHD Receiver/Decoder IRD

Powerful and cost-effective 4K UHD receiver decoder/IRD that supports MPEG-2/H.264/H.265/ AVS+/AVS2 UHD/HD/SD video decoding and major audio decoding. With many tuner input options and multiple input/output interfaces, it can achieve the RF signal reception, program descrambling, multiplexing, downscaling and decoding output that you need.

16 Module Chassis Dual Power Supplies

Next generation of modular video processing by Sencore. The chassis comes with dual power supply and accommodates up to sixteen modules. Built-in IP switch and diverse range of hot-swappable input/output options makes OmniHub 16 a highly flexible solution perfect for a variety of applications

QAM/Analog Signal Level Meter

Specially designed for installation and field technicians seeking to quickly ensure the quality of digital and analog cable services. Most cost effective choice for a variety of applications.

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