Toner Cable’s TV System experts are backed by a technical engineering staff capable of assisting you with the many complicated aspects that make up your system.

Toner Cable’s engineers can help you design your distribution system or simply assist you in doing it yourself. Whether it’s coax, fiber or a hybrid fiber/coax system, Toner Cable’s staff has years of experience in system design. No matter if you have a small school, a sports bar or a 100,000-seat stadium–Toner Cable’s employees can accomplish your system design in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Since 1977, Toner Cable has been designing distribution systems along with headends for customers worldwide. Some of our recent projects include:

List of Projects- 2016, 17, and 2018 

  • Arris Dish Install
  • Children Hospital Alabama
  • University Of Pennsylvania
  • Immaculata College/Retirement Facility
  • Masonic Home of Pennsylvania
  • Baltimore Area School-
    • 21 Century Upgrades, Montgomery County Schools
    • IPTV Elementary School Upgrades
  • NFL Films
  • Merck
  • Kennedy Health Systems
  • Baltimore Ravens Stadium
  • Heinz Field
  • US Army-
    • Aberdeen
    • Ft Mead
    • Army Proving Grounds
    • Ft Brag
    • Ft Hood
    • Kabul Base- Afghanistan
  • IMF (International Monetary Funds)
  • NASA
  • FBI
  • NBC Universal


These customers came to us for a solution to design and implement the unique system that they were working on. Often times, Toner Cable employees found that multiple technologies were required to execute the system and accomplish the goals that had been established.

In quite a few cases, Toner Cable became the onsite integrator. Toner Cable’s technical and engineering team was sent in to build and commission various aspects of the systems from satellite antenna re-tasking and Fiber L-Band links to encoder programming, headend activation and conditional access system integration.

Toner Cable’s work doesn’t stop once the integration is complete. Post installation tech support is just an e-mail or phone call away. Toner Cable’s dedication to continued tech support is especially important for digital systems, as they can be more complex and are not nearly as forgiving as analog. This also applies to satellite reception–what works on a analog system often doesn’t work with digital. Toner Cable’s technicians have the experience and knowledge to identify the problem and offer an effective solution. 

Toner provides engineering services, such as design and installation.