We are helping many customers today with consulting services. Whether it is basic training on today’s Digital TV systems or advising on what may be the most cost effective way to deploy their system.

Our team has a combined history of over 170 years experience in the RF telecommunications industry and we can put this knowledge and experience to work for you. Our advice can be as simple as advising where not to mount a satellite antenna because of blockage by nearby trees to the best solution for distributing signals whether they be on Coax or Fiber.

We believe that the best advice we can offer is what not to do! This turns out to be the most cost effective resource our customers have. In the 50 years we have been in business we have learned a thing or two! Those hard learned lesion on what doesn’t work are seared into our memories and this is where you will benefit the most! Learn from our mistakes, give us a call and we can help you now before it is too late