Custom Designed Headends

Custom Built Headends from Toner Cable Equipment, Inc.

Toner Cable Equipment Inc has been building custom headends for 36 years. In that time, Toner Cable has learned a thing or two about how to do it.

Back in the 1970s, Toner Cable used separate audio and video amplifiers along with bandpass filters and crystal controlled channel converters. Now the Toner Cable staff works with today’s MPEG4 encoders and edge QAM modulators, so you can be assured our engineering and technical staffs have an ongoing knowledge of the many industry evolutions. 

With a dedicated headend construction unit as part of our engineering and field services team, Toner Cable can put your headend together for you. Building a headend takes more than a crimp tool and a screwdriver–it takes detailed knowledge of the equipment, its function, how pieces work together as well as programming and support.

When you need a headend, what are you looking for exactly? Most likely, you want a quality job done right, one that is affordable but not cheap and something that reflects positively on your business. You will also need technical support if you have any post installation issues or upgrades. This is what you will get from Toner Cable: Quality, value–and the best customer service in the business.

Toner Cable literally has hundreds of options to choose from. From rack types to equipment and wiring, you have the choice to do what best suites your system. You are not tied to one manufacturer, as you would be when dealing directly with one. This means you can mix and match if you want. For instance, you can select a Blonder Tongue Encoder, a Drake 8VSB processor, an Adtec Multiplexer, a Blankom, EdgeQAM modulator, Toner combiners and amplifiers and Monroe EAS, if you want.

Toner Cable even offers different levels of racking and wiring. Bronze is used for the most economical installation and silver and gold are employed for high end and complex installs that require more detail and support.

Regardless you what your headend needs are, chances are Toner Cable has already built a similar headend in the past, which means the Toner Cable team can do it faster and for less money than it would cost when doing it yourself.

Give Toner Cable a call today, and find out how you can benefit from us building your next headend.