Toner Cable Equipment Inc., Established in 1971 is headquartered in Horsham Pennsylvania. We are worldwide stocking distributor and supplier of both equipment and systems for the processing and distribution of television content for in the Cable TV, Private Cable, Government, Enterprise, Lodging, Education, Healthcare, Religious, Sports and any other industry that uses television.

The systems we provide distribute TV signals by any means possible such as, Coax Cable (CATV), Category-X Type Twisted Pair wire (IPTV), Fiber Optic Cable (FTTX), Broadcast and Satellite Communications and any combination of these technologies.

For the past 20 years or so our customers have requested us to assist them at there site with the installation and or configuration of the system. These can be a simple as a site survey for a satellite antenna to a installation of an IPTV system.

The customers requesting our installation support often do not have the technical expertise to confidently complete the system.

Some of our recent field Service projects include:

  • Optical Isolators for Military bases
  • Installation and balancing RF distribution for Stadiums
  • IPTV systems install on Cruise ships, Military Vessels, Hospitals and Financial Institutions
  • Digital Headends for many branches of the US Government
  • New Satellite antennas for NFL Films
  • Building seven new DOCSIS headends for a Cable Operator

As the technology of processing and distributing television content continues to evolve we are a prime resource our customers have come to rely on for the technical knowledge, expertise and support to help them to transition their systems to these latest technologies.