Fiber Optics

With today’s technology, it is possible to transmit almost any signal via fiber optic cable–and doing so will result in less loss, greater distances and much less signal degradation. Here at Toner Cable Equipment Inc, our staff focuses on the transportation of RF (television), L band satellite, Digital TV, Audio and Video, Data, Digital Video and IP over fiber.

If you need to send a signal to the top of the building, across the street, across town or even across the state, Toner Cable has the equipment and technology you need. Since 1994, Toner Cable has been helping customers with their fiber optic equipment needs, offering simple systems with one transmitter and receiver to complex designs where EDFAs (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) are used along with dispersion compensation and optical A/B switches for redundancy.

Toner Cable has helped customers deploy fiber systems all over the globe. They have designed and supplied a countrywide system in Belize, an 80,000-subscriber system in Managua, Nicaragua, a fiber to the desk system for ONI, a FTTH deployment in Turks & Caicos Islands and a several thousand-room hotel L band system in the UAE. This is all in addition to the thousands of domestic customers that rely on Toner Cable for their everyday needs

Toner Cable Equipment Inc can offer the best of what many supply partners offer. Whether it’s optical A/B switches from Force Inc, SNMP RF transport system from Aurora Networks, high performance transmitters and EDFAs from Olson Technology or digital video systems from Opticom, Toner Cable stocks the right equipment for your application.

In addition to electronics, Toner Cable also has everything else you need for your system. You will find fusion splicers, OTDRs and power meters to splice enclosures, tools and fiber consumables, most often available for same-day shipping.

While these products can certainly help you achieve your project goals, they’re really not worth much without the knowledge needed to implement them. This is why Toner Cable’s sales team is so important. They all have extensive training in the design and use of equipment. Many of them have been doing small system designs for more than ten years. This, along with the support you get from their partners, is why you can rely on Toner Cable for your next project.