Horsham Township Proclamation

Proclamation by Horsham Township 6.9.21

Whereas: Toner Cable has been providing cable system equipment for the last 50 years; and,

Whereas: Founded in 1971, Toner Cable got their start in the basement of founder Robert Toner, and operated with the help of his three children and wife, Shawn. In 1973, Robert Toner migrated the operation out of his home, and into a large facility located in Horsham Township, and,

Whereas: Under the leadership off Robert Toner, Toner Cable was able to become a leading cable equipment provider in both the United States and European market, while simultaneously remaining an affordable option for customer, and,

Whereas: Mr. BJ Toner, along with his sons Rob and Sean, proudly continues the legacy of company founder, and patriarch, Rober Toner. The Toner family are valued members of the Horsham Township Community, and we are honored to recognize them on the occasion of their 50th anniversary and wish them many more.

Mark McCouch, Council President

W. William Whiteside, III, Vice President

Veronica Hill-Milbourne, Council

William Gallagher, Council

Gregory Nesbitt, Esq, Council

William T. Gildea-Walker, Township Manager