Toner Cable Celebrates their 50th Anniversary

On May 21, 2021 Toner Cable Equipment Inc. will celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Toner Cable Equipment Inc. is a Distributor and Integrator of TV signal processing and distribution systems worldwide with headquarters in Horsham PA.

The Company was started in 1971 by Bob Toner, his wife Shawn and their 3 children in their basement in Maple Glen PA. Toner Cable Equipment Inc. has thrived and grown over the years, now with sales people in Florida, California as well as distribution and office in Oxford England, established in 1996.

Bob’s son BJ joined the company in 1979 and took the reins in 2003 as President. Now BJ’s son Rob is General Manager and BJ’s other son Sean is Marketing Manager

Today the company has 27 Employees with six having over 30 years with the company, seven with over 20 years and seven over 5 years.

On November 6, 2021 the company will celebrate their anniversary with a dinner party that unfortunately had to be postponed from May 22nd   due to Covid 19.