Broadcast Sales

Broadcast Sales

For 50 years Toner Cable Equipment has been serving the Broadcast industry with equipment, support and advice. From rugged antennas to RF distribution system for the studio or TV Station.

Our sales, support and technical staff have the knowledge and experience to assist with almost any project you may have for your facility. Need a new satellite antenna or IRD, maybe you need to do confidence monitoring or perhaps you are planning on the transition to ATSC 3.0, give us a call we can help.

With a vast range of equipment which most often is in stock we can help you sort your problem today.  We can offer a range of solutions for the distribution of the TV content from traditional coax cable to fiber optic or even IPTV solutions allow you to distribute the TV content throughout your facility and even to an application on desktop computers or even cellphones. Not only do we have the equipment, we know how it works, can design the system and provide installation as well as technical support

Some of our recent projects included a new 5 meter Satellite antenna installation for NFL Films, a removal and new installation of a 5 meter satellite antenna at a PBS TV station in the Washington DC area. Installation of an L band fiber optic link for a Satellite antenna farm and a Coax distribution system at a recording and broadcast studio.

You know Toner Cable Equipment by our outstanding products, service and expertise. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation as a go-to resource for the television broadcast industry.

Combined with our in-house engineering and systems integration teams, Toner is now equipped to support your project from concept to close-out.

Looking forward, Toner Cable Equipment actively seeks out next-generation solutions from emerging product manufacturers to provide cutting edge technologies. From Adaptive Bit Rate Encoding to Integrated Workstation Displays, Toner Cable Equipment is ready to help keep you ahead of the latest technology innovations while still giving you the outstanding personal service you’ve come to expect.