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Drake - ASII

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Drake’s ASII provides one DVB-ASI SPTS or MPTS input for the EH24 / EH244 / EH244IP / MEQ1000 chassis. Using the ASII module, programs may be input to the chassis where they will be program-filtered, retimed, and multiplexed with programs from the other input module, which can be a Drake SDE24 Dual Standard Definition MPEG Encoder Module, a HDE24 High Definition MPEG Encoder Module, a SDI24A SDI/HD-SDI Input Module, a DTD1000 Digital ATSC 8-VSB/QAM RF Tuner and Demodulator Module, or a second ASII Module. Drake’s ASII module can accept data rates up to 80 Mbps.

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  • ASI Input Clock: 270 MHz
  • ASI Input Data Rate: Maximum of 80 Mbps
  • ASI Output Rate: Identical to the ASI input stream



About Drake Digital: Video Encoders, Transcoders & Processing Equipment For over 65 years, RL Drake, (now Drake Digital) has been committed to developing quality communication products that enrich the lives of your consumers. Drake delivers innovative electronic communications solutions for cable television systems, digital television reception, video signal distribution, and digital video encoding. Drake’s digital video encoders, transcoders and processing equipment are known for their advanced features, cutting edge technology and reliability in demanding environments. Superb value, performance and versatility have earned Drake’s digital video encoders awards for innovation and development. Advanced encoder features offer industry-leading performance while simplifying hardware networks and reducing inefficiency. Exacting standards, quality, and reliability have made Drake the go-to name for video applications in every type of high profile, no-fail situation or environment around the world, including Higher Education Institutions, pro sports arenas, marine applications, extreme weather conditions within the Arctic Circle, and even at the White House. Everywhere you want to deliver your signals Drake will get you there.

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