CMS 5-3000 MHz Remote Spectrum Analyzer, from 1 to 64 inputs

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This new and innovative broadband remote monitoring system covers a frequency range of 5MHz…3GHz and represents the 1RU/19″ broadband remote Spectrum-Analyzers SA3B & SA3B-16 (Single and 16-way monitoring) and the 3RU/19″ broadband remote Spectrum-Analyzers SA3B-32 and SA3B-64 (32-way & 64-way monitoring) as well as the associated CMS(Carrier-Monitoring-Software). This advanced and innovative broadband remote monitoring system offers a turnkey HW/SWpackage that is combining the advantages, features and excellent performance of the SA3B Spectrum-Analyzer units with the especially designed carrier- monitoring software program CMS. The all-in-one HW/SWbundle features a reliable, flexible and high quality monitoring system, ideally suited for applications in Teleports, Satelite Earth-Stations, DSNG´s, Up- and Downlink operations as well as for Broadcasting and Cable/IPTV Headend architectures wherever accurate signal parameter monitoring is necessary.

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  • 1RU/19″ or 3RU/19″ rack-mount design
  • Broadband frequency (5MHz…3GHz) covering satellite, cable and terrestrial carriers
  • Input selector/switch 16:1 (SA3B-16), 32:1 (SA3B-32) or 64:1 (SA3B-64)
  • Monitoring of 16, 32 or 64 RF carriers, manually and automatically
  • Carrier monitoring function
  • External 10MHz reference or internal reference
  • Snapshot: N° of IQ time samples is approx. 32 million
  • Linear Power/Bin (8192 Samples, 255 averages)
  • Log Power/Bin (8192 Samples, 255 averages)
  • Peak hold on the browser interface
  • Raw IQ Samples (decimated 2…100.000 in steps of 2)
  • Selectable Spectral Inversion
  • Programmatic measurement
  • Spectrum mode & Time Domain mode
  • Easy remote access, configuration and monitoring
  • SNMP status interface


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