CTB-15 Self Fusing Tape

$18.50 Each

EPR based self fusing tape designed for the Communications 1.5″ W x 15′ Long

Typical Applications

  • Environmental protection of connectors in tight locations or when torch is not permitted
  • Protect connectors in Cable TV, Wireless and Telecom applications

Application Instructions

  • The surface of cable and connector should be clean.
  • Start the tape on cable approximately two inches from connector.
  • Make sure the tape is stretched during application.
  • While stretching the tape, make one wrap on cable ensuring the tape is wrapped onto itself as it will only adhere to itself. Continue wrapping the cable and connector using half overlap layers.
  • To terminate, wrap the tape onto itself and place your thumb at the termination point and stretch the tape until it breaks.
  • Two layers are recommended
  • The loose end of the termination should be thumbed down.
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  • Provides protection where heat/flame is prohibited
  • Covers any shape including high transition areas and elbows
  • Clean strippable
  • Layers fuse together to form a boot that provides complete environmental protection and insulation
  • UV and ozone resistant
  • Proven long term protection
  • Continuous operating temperature: -40°C to 90°C

Additional information

Weight 0.44 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in



Heat shrink tubing and adhesive liner combination that established the CATV industry standard for splice and connector protection.