CTF-230 Dual Compression Tool


COAX cables RG6 and RG59 utilize many different fittings to terminate cables. Jonard offers compression tools to work with all types of connectors (BNC, PPC, Belden, and more).

CT-200 – Universal Compression Tool designed for use on most F connectors (RG59, RG6, & RG11), BNC connectors (RG59 & RG6) and RCA connectors (RG59 & RG6).

CTF-200 – Compression tool with a fixed design for use on the longer style F connectors (such as PPC® EXXLWS Aquatight connector, EX-XL and other similar length connectors)

CTF-200CG – Compression tool with a fixed design for use on Corning Gilbert connectors. Tool also works with brands such as PPC & Thomas Betts.

CTF-230 – This dual compression tool is two tools in one, combing the features of the CTF-200 and the

CTF-300. It is designed for use on either short or long F connectors (such as PPC EX6 and PPC EX6XL), and also works on most RG 11 connectors. The Green ring side of the plunger is for the “short” PPC EX6 style

CTF-300 – Compression tool with a fixed design for use on the shorter style F connectors (such as PPC Aquatight Connector EX or shorter connectors and other similar length connectors).

360 Degree Compression Tool for RG59/6 – CTF-180

Fixed compression tool with reversible plunger and 360 degree F connector support for use with most short and long F connectors. This compression tool works on F connectors for RG6 and RG59 cables. The tool is solid steel construction, protected with a black oxide finish, spring loaded and fitted with blue cushioned grips making this tool rugged yet comfortable to use. Includes integrated handle lock for storage.

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