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At Contemporary Research, we look at RF systems through the lens of integration. For that reason, we created a facility-wide TV and media control system that operates over the same RF cable as the channels. In use for over 15 years, the system has proved to be extremely reliable and simplified site’s transition from analog to digital channels. The success of Display Express control rests in its simplicity. Start with a selection of in-house channels, add our DX software or a custom control processor, distribute control over RF, and then integrate controllers at each TV, monitor or projector.

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Channel Origination

  • QMOD HD Modulator/IPTV Encoders process media from SDI, HDMI, Component and RGBHV sources in to HD in-house channels
  • RF outputs from the modulators are combined and amplified for site distribution

Display Express

  • Operates from Windows Win 7/8 Pro, Windows Server
  • Available integrated in Display Express PC or software for site’s PC
  • Serves display control Web pages to PCs, tablets and smartphones
    – Setup pages create a database of controllers, groups, channels, and users
    – Preset pages create a database of commands linked to TVs
    – Schedule pages launch Presets by date, time, and cycle
    – Alert pages create buttons for video paging and alerts
  • Web Control Panels can be created assigned to users
    -Preset panels trigger Presets from interactive buttons
    -TV Control panels select TVs and change channels, volume, and power
  • Sends commands to the ICE-HE Head End

ICE-HE Control Channel

ICE-HE receives commands from Display Express PC

Creates a micro control channel between 4 and 5 that combines with other RF channels

TV Controllers

  • Receive control channel, sends the rest of the channels to the TV
  • Send RS-232 or IR commands to the TV for power, channel, inputs and volume

Tuner Controllers

  • Tunes channels for use with video projectors and monitors
  • Receive the control channel and manages projector via RS-232


Contemporary Research

Simple Solutions for System Integration Contemporary Research Corp. was started in 1994 by Scott Hetzler, they design and manufacture intelligent, yet simple solutions for system integration that set the standard for the AV industry. Starting with professional TV tuners and AV routers, the Contemporary Research family of innovations includes cutting-edge HDTV tuners, QMOD HDTV Modulators, Display Express Control Systems, and classroom integration solutions. Created for the systems market, Contemporary Research solutions offer state-of-the-art features, integration-friendly control, and easy-to-use application software, backed with solid technical support and customer service. They have earned an enviable record of innovation, researching future trends, engineering new technology, and delivering contemporary solutions at just the right time. All Contemporary Research products are built in the USA, and are designed to function in demanding, mission critical 24/7 installations. Toner Cable is a stocking distributor of Contemporary Research products.